Hi there, my name is Elaine Kim,
and I am a Product Designer


Everyone is different and the world is filled with all kinds of perspectives. Similar to reflections in the mirror; people have their own interpretation of what they see. When these varying visions, inspirations, thoughts, and imaginations are combined together through the human experience, great designs can be created. A UX/UI Designer from South Korea, and passionate about thinking as if I am a user, not a designer.

currently based in San Francisco. By creating the creative idea to meet clients’ expectation since the technology and styles are always changing, I can grow together. Also, by having experiences of Visual, UIUX design, painting and photography. I use Adobe Creative-programs and HTML/CSS and Java-Script. I’d love to learn new technologies and enjoy solving, exploring and explaining problems with a team.

Instead of pretty, I design usable

Elaine Kim

Computer Language
JQuery / JAVA script

Sketch / Figma / Flinto
Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign
After Effect / Cinema 4D / Adobe XD

Korean / English

Korea university Design award
Second Prize

2018 Fall
UXUI project / Viusal Design