Make your life to be secure and protective with airlock

2018 Sep. Internship

Project Name airlock
Category UX/UI Design, Branding
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma
Client airlock
Year Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2018


Airlock is a true end-to-end protection platform for your smartphone: accidental damage, troubleshooting, and data security are all covered. No matter what’s going on with your phone, open the Airlock app.

Data from unexpected usage and data breaches affect user security. Most users already know about this common pain point, but they don't realize how specifically their data is being used.


As a UX designer, my role in this airlock project is researching the possiblities of solving the user’s problem, to find the right target markets, and to fit into the market with the right product. I want to see the best possible relationship between the IT and Security teams and the rest of the organization.

Design Journey


Our first kick off meeting with airlock

Business Goal

Airlock covers everything from phone insurance to phone damage, as well as phones that are lost or stolen. Airlock is moving into a new data security market and aims to protect people’s data from applications that they currently use.

By gaining a new user base that’s interested in data security, airlock is becoming not only one of the leaders in this space but also a first-to-market product.

Product Goal

To show the possible and actual current malicious data activity from new and existing applications, airlock has users input a small amount of information about themselves to protect their data from third parties.



Airlock wants to find the right balance between learning from users and selling them the appropriate solution accordingly. Also, answering questions pertaining to how a user uses their smartphone and how they think about the device’s lifecycle. Airlock wants to understand why the user cares more about insurance than data security.

Target Audience

The ideal audience for airlock is 40-70 years old, male or female, working with or saving information to their smartphone. More specifically, baby boomers, middle-aged and young adults who always carry their phone.
The ideal users are baby boomers who enjoy their life and try to use and follow new technology but find it hard to learn. Despite this, they still believe that saving their information on the phone feels protected.


Interview & Synthesis

Interview Questions
Do you use a smartphone and what application do you use?
Are there any behaviors around data security?
Do you think data security is not worth it? Why?
Have you ever paid for security protection?
What is your attitude towards smartphone security?
Which one is more important to you; phone insurance or security?
Are you concerned about data security?
What do you do if you get alert for using your data from 3rd companies?
Interview for researching market strategy

Based on synthesis and cluster, the majority of people are not aware of their smartphone data security. Even though they are aware that their user information is being used without their permission, users don't really know how to manage their security. They try to secure their smartphone data with security companies which are extremely inconvenient. To put it simply, users are too lazy to manage their own information. If handling their smartphone security were to get easier, and if they received clear instructions, they would use this product in a heartbeat.



The majority of people understand and are aware of the importance of this issue, especially young adults, who think that carrying data on their smartphone is essential. Users think that finding out what data is being used by third parties is complicated and hard. Even though they notice that, they don't take the next step.

Data from unexpected usage and data breaches affect user security. Security information saved a smartphone has to be protected. The biggest pain point is one that users already know based on their experience, however they don't realize how specifically their data is being used.

What we can do to prevent our data being used?


Building a trust relationship between us and our customers is the most important feature. By taking responsibility for protecting users' data, we put our customer’s security first, above anything else.

Concept & Feedback

  • Concept Idea
  • Clustering
  • Feedback from Testees - Solution 1
  • Feedback from Testees - Solution 2

Final Design

Key Features

Having the right to digital privacy is as important as it is essential. Develop your data security with indicated tips and tricks. Not only do we create personalized reporting on your apps and settings but we also we monitor your apps' security 24/7.

What I've learned

I've learned a lot of things with this group project. I collaborated and communicated with this company and other designers—every user researcher had different feedback and insights from each interview and round of user testing. The most important thing which I learned from this group project was refining understanding through discussion and explanation.

By researching together with other user researchers, I've learned how to communicate with other designers not to lose the company's insight with multiple dates from different user testings. Started brand identity of airlock, researched user's behavior and problem which led to relate design process to design outcome in airlock. If I had more time to work on this project, I would have focused on the choosing icons screen. I was trying to make more functional and well visual designed screen to see each application's icon. Because choosing the application’s screen is the beginning part of airlock, I think this screen has to catch the user's eye.