Gifting for Valentine's day - UX Design

UX Design
Macy's Inc.
1 week - 2020
Retail E-commerce
Adobe XD, Figma

By recommending products, customers can have ideas for gifting for Valentine's day

Working closely with a Product Manager, engineers and marketing teams for recommending the gift for Valentine's day.

Business Goal

Use Gift Guides as a curated recommendations source, Current HomePage design will show Gift Guid Offers (links to browse experience for product types within guides)

Increase their relevance, driving higher engagement and ultimately increased revenues and order conversions

Product Goal

Repaunch the Sale Zone on Homepage with an improved user flow, personalization & categorization options, also the ability to show with offer pricing

  • Have title/header link to category page
  • On Homepage Zone A also be sales constrained

Reduce customer discovery efforts related to sales



  • Wants to buy a gift for someone for Valentine's Day, but I'm not sure what to buy (needs recommendations), also gift may not relate to personal shopping interesets


  • Leverage Product recommendation capabilities to show products from Gift Guides, to increase product detail page conversion from HomePage
  • Extend the "sale zone" that was tested pre-holiday but did not scale
  • This helps us advance a major goal for Product recommendation in 2020, of creating promotional/gifting recommendations

Target Audience

Our target audience ir customers who are both uilitarian and lesiure shoppers. With its core target group of middle-class women between the ages of 16 and 34, Macy’s quality products at reasonable prices attract a clientele of largely busy people – either engaged at work or out enjoying the social scenes with friends.


Background: Previous Test

What Worked?

  • Desktop had significant overall results (Product Detail Page conversion up 2.35%), Ourperformed other Homepage Product recommendations panel, also flooded the recommendations for recommended item trending model across site

What did not work?

  • Reporting on financial metrics was not available until after freeze cutoff
  • Significantly lower order conversion rate vs marketing assets, influenced by: UX constraints (order, flow, offer price)

Valtine Day assets

Clickable assets

  • Do customers know these assets are clickable?
  • Do customers expect assets take them to the search & Browse / Category page?

How important is it in terms of product sequencing - meaningfully sequencing?

  • Give the panel a more meaningful / understandable flow (e.g. group some similar products to minimize randomness of products/sequencing)

Valentine's Test

  • Alternative treatment experience replaces Product recommendations panels with offer assets, per each Gift Guide category
  • Not planning for any curation (e.g., filtering out underwear, etc.) - gift guides already curated
  • Mobile - first considerations (How many products in row?)

Customers sees

  • Gift Guide Headers / Product Panels (3)
  • Headers link to Gift Guide pages

Design Explorations

Assets with Hyperlink

  • How do customers know these assets are clickable?

Make it simple

  • If we don't apply the marketing assets, how are we going to design Sale Zone for Valentine's day?

UX Concept

Need to use assets from marketing team

Top trending items related to the main homepage banner from within those in the main banner sale from homepage

Original Assets

UX Options

UX Suggestion

Create white background with black text and chevron as hyperlink

Change the title from "GIFT UNDER $25" to "VALENTINE'S GIFT UNDER $25"

Final Assets